Sellers’ Narrative

Throughout my childhood I recall endless adventures exploring the creek next door. My parents told me that there was a day park called "La Honda Bowl" where families picnicked and rented boats to paddle down the creek. I loved this natural setting growing up. My parents loved to dance. Many times I recall, friends would gather and dance throughout the night, filling the Yoga/meditation hall (dance hall then), with laughter and tons of fun! In fact, they won several dance competitions. My Mom loved the Japanese ZEN garden - it's her favorite spot. I remember one year, my entire 6th grade class came to my swim party & BBQ. This is bringing up lots of happy memories. My father and I hand-picked the rocks that made up the grill/smoker by the pool. I was 9 yrs old, talk about bonding time. Now the BBQ/Smoker is still operational - in fact, we just spent sometime grilling some veggies and steaks the other night, sat by the pool and reminisced the good old times in front of the outdoor fireplace. I was a very lucky kid, I had these to enjoy with family and friends. I know you will too. And if you love home-grown tomatoes, the back lot is ready for a great organic garden. This is space where you feel like you're in a resort, but so close to everything else. I know you will have tons of happy memories here too with your family.
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